Comedienne Lyrics (lyrics of songs in english)

In for the weekend
Out for the night
She gets caught in the curtains
Lost in the lights

But she's wearing a turban
Feeling alright
And she's hoping to God
That they're coming tonight

There's a man in the corner
Sipping a drink
He says, I seen them all and
Sister you stink

And the girls from the office
Try to be nice
But they're loud and they're dumb
And they bicker and fight

She knows, she knows
There are gonna be times
When no one goes
For her funniest lines

Please make up your mind
Are you laughing or crying
Are you killing or dying tonight

Back at the bar
She's been licking her wounds
He says, Give up the vision
Performing in rooms

If you work on your timing
And drop me a line
Baby, one of these Mondays
You're gonna be mine

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