Queen Bee Lyrics (lyrics of songs in english)

Did you see the Queen Bee, my my

She kinds wide and she's awful mean
She gonna get her way 'cause she's the Queen
She's got a million fellas all waitin' in line
Bringing the sweetest nectar from the honeysuckle vine

Theyre mixin' her drinks and stirrin' up the stinger
With a diamond ring on every finger
They work so hard to make this hive a home
And the whistle while they work and they sing while they drone

I'm gonna be the Queen Bee
And in the beautiful world I see
Way up in a hollow tree, perfect idolatry
Little bees on their knees
Sayin' Baby, you're the Queen Bee
I won't be grubbin' around down here like I was
I'll be buzzin' like the honeybees buzz because
I'm gonna do like the Queen Bee does

She's pretty and lucky but it's dark in there
She got a honeycomb but she's got no heir/hair
The boys are waxin' her legs and doin' her nails
Knittin' her sweaters with their pointy little tails

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