We in This B**** 1.5 Lyrics (lyrics of songs in english)

We got money in our pocket, and whatever you're sipping on
'Cause we're about to live? this bitch, what a fuck we're tripping ?
They're in this bitch
And they gonna put you back on place if you do some wrong!
We're in this bitch (we're in this bitch, yeah we're in this bitch)
We got a section full of girls, and they barely speaking English!
Let's toasted off to the life in our?
We're in this bitch, we're in this hoe
I got the forty on me now, the most?
?See the next to blow
You should see my ? and light the?
Car transformer is in the transformer
We haven't cooked the whole thing on a ?
What about ? on a?
Whole fifty for the? pay my gas bill
So many horses ? parked in the?
Took the ice upon my cup and put it?
And this bad bitch with me form another planet
And I can't stand it!
Hey, baby girl? I'm talking with your mouth full, use a?
What the fuck, who to hail, flashback in this bitch, I thought I've seen the?


You know how we handle shit, gangsta got it glamor it
Don't want a lot of shit.. amateurs.
I'm walking up in here, I bought some dough?
Disrespect is? that's the shit you wanna know
niggas say it all year, but?
Call it the? and feeling go down, hoe
Pop it ?. drown, hoe
Ain't no broke niggas around.
So excuse me, who is he? ?
Somebody go and get security!
? a lot of niggas hate you, boy
Pocket full of money, got more paper than a paper boy?

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