Mink Flow Lyrics (lyrics of songs in english)

One penthouse, two Benz
This for shorty and her girlfriend, yeah
I feel like I'm Hercules, oh
You gon' get paid if you work for me, oh

'bout to feed my dogs, need pedigree, oh
Ain't letting no money get away from me, oh
TSA ain't ready for me
These bitches wish they was bartenders, just to get next to me
The latest coupe, way too fast, you can't get next to me
And I want the smoke, for real
These 40's, I tote, for real
.45, no colt
Nigga getting left afloat
Nah, we ain't writing no note
Never, nah
I ain't gotta ride to the store no more
I'ma let the Maybach go
The pent got a pole in it
The marble is Raf Simmons
Four levels in it
I ain't even know you was in it

You can make love in the morning
That Mink flow, I'm warm
Got milly in the safe, come
Nigga get turned upside down
I was rich way before the gang
I was slime way before the name
Kill shit like today
And that's all I gotta say
I ain't leading you wrong

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