Hard to Handle Lyrics (lyrics of songs in english)

Baby, here I am, and I'm a man upon the scene
I can give you what you want, but you got to come home with me
I got a whole lot of good old loving and I got some in store
When I get through throwin' it on to you, got to come back for more

Boys and things will come by the dozen
Ain't nothin' but drug store love
Pretty little thing, let me light your candle
'Cause, mama, I'm sure hard to handle; now, yes, I am

Action speaks louder than words, and I'm a man with great experience
I know you got another man, but I can love you better than him
Take my hand, don't be afraid; I'm gonna prove every word I say
I'm advertising love for free, so won't you place your ad with me?

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