Stranger Lyrics (lyrics of songs in english)

Maybe she was smilin' in the mirror
Maybe I was too, 'cause I was stoned
Singin' every sad song on the juke-box one more time
Honey, they were hittin' close to home

And I said - Maybe this'll make you think I'm crazy
Honey, don't feel lonesome if you do
But if you wanna make a young man happy one more time
I'd sure like to spend the night with you

And she said - Stranger
Shut out the light and lead me
Somewhere - shut out the shadows, too
And while we lay there, makin' believe you love me
Stranger, could I believe in you

Maybe you got all you got together
Maybe you keep rollin' like a stone
Maybe some old lonesome song'll take you by surprise
And leave you just a little more alone

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