Fuck It Tho Lyrics (lyrics of songs in english)

I didn't lie, but didn't tell the truth
I didn't fight, but never thought I'd lose
And now I'm so blue and I guess you wasn't lying when you said
That this time is the last time that you'd let me do you like that
I could have justified and just
I tried and tried, so please forgive my pride
I fell down but I got up, but you know I'm only human
Messed up but I fessed up to the shit that I been doing

Now you got me on the floor
You got both feet out the door
Watch you dancing in the rain
While I'm drowning in this window pane

'Cause this house just ain't a home without ya, without ya
Boy, this bed just feels so cold without ya, without ya
You ain't coming back, ain't coming back
Guess you can't do that alone
Boy, this house just ain't a home without ya, without ya
Yeah, fuck it though

Out in the crowd, there's nothing here for me
Shut off the lights, your face was all I see
Selfish, can't help it, but my mama thought me better
Warned me what would happen when a good man is just better
You, you got me out here stuck
What do you do when sorry ain't enough?
What happened to back when we'd break up just to make up?
Walk out but you're back in the bed so we can make love

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