Small People Lyrics (lyrics of songs in english)

Yea children

Small people one day will get big
And those who they call minority
Are most of the people that you see
Don't you ever abuse humble man

Don't be afraid to wake up
Don't be afraid to wake up
Don't be afraid of another day
Iya get ready, oh yeah!

Walking down the street
Can't afford to rest my feet
I just can't agree, with my environment
I would like to see, what can be done
About it

Hey I'm not afraid to wake up
I'm not afraid to wak up
No I'm not araid of another day
I am ready oh yeah

Mmmh mmh mmh, woe woe woo woe
Mmmh mmmh mmh, woe woe woo woe

Living in this time
Got so much thigs on my mind
Living in this world
I can't afford to lose control
Speak up for your right
Expect it going be a fight
Better a free man than a slave
Better a real man any day

What did you say
Mi never hear what you say, little while a
People get ready, oh hey

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